As we know small businesses have been hit especially hard during the pandemic, but you can support these businesses by eating delicious Filipino food. In Australia, Filipino restaurants have some incredible food that not only gives Pinoys a taste of home, but a great way for Australians to get to know Filipino dishes. We have listed our seven favourite Filipino restaurants, as well as some incredible Filipino businesses below.

  1. Mama Lor Restaurant

    Branches in Melbourne and Sydney

    One of the most popular Pinoy restaurants in Victoria, Mama Lor is a family-owned business, whose founders are originally from Cebu. Mama Lor’s aims to make Filipinos in Australia feel at home by giving them some of their favourite traditional Filipino foods, while simultaneously letting other nationalities discover Filipino cuisine.

    Their bestselling specialties are the Cebu lechon belly, kare-kare, and pork barbeque. Mama Lor’s also bakes all of their cakes and breads in-store, so make sure to try some.

    Weekends get really busy so best to reserve ahead of time. Book here.



    Address: 187 Watton St, Werribee VIC 3030
    Phone: (03) 9731 0678


    Address: Shop 5/39-45 Rooty Hill Rd N, Rooty Hill NSW 2766
    Phone: (02) 8809 7778

    MamaLor food

  2. Pinoy Diner

    Filipino restaurant in Victoria

    This Filipino restaurant is located near Werribee train station and is quite accessible if you are based in one of the western suburbs of Melbourne. The restaurant may not be that large in size, but the food choices are fit for a feast! Pinoy Diner is one of the few restaurants in Melbourne that offers a special type of Filipino food called Boodle Fight Feasts. The various dishes are also traditionally served on banana leaves, giving guests the authentic feel of having a boodle fight. They also provide you with a set of gloves to encourage you to eat with your hands.

    The Boodle Fight menu options include crispy pata, tilapia, BBQ skewers and more. It comes in packages good for four to six people.

    Address: 5/49 Synnot St Werribee VIC 3030
    Phone: 0452140168

    Pinoy Diner food

    If you can't eat out due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are other ways to help your countrymen. Read Be a Bayani: Helping the people of the Philippines during Covid-19 to find out how.

  3. Chibog AU

    Filipino restaurant in Victoria

    "Chibog", which is Filipino slang for "to eat", is a hip neon-lit place where you can satisfy your Filipino food cravings. The restaurant is located along the populous Barkly street at West Footscray. Owned by Janine Barican, the establishment came about when she noticed that despite the huge number of Filipinos in Australia, a lot of Aussies have yet to discover the cuisine. Chibog aims to deliver the authentic taste of Pinoy dishes, but deliver them with beautiful plating and styling. Their bestsellers include "sisig", "kansi", and "Crispy pata".

    Filipino beers such as San Miguel and Red Horse are also being sold at the restaurant, which makes it an ideal hangout spot with friends.

    To book:
    Phone: (03) 9078 4472

    Chibog food

  4. Sydney Cebu Lechon Native Eatery

    Filipino restaurant in New South Wales

    Cebu has always been a place known for their lechon. Luckily, Pinoys in Australia can get a taste of the iconic and sought-after dish without leaving the country. The establishment was founded in the 1990s and has been using traditional roasting techniques since then. They sell set meals for dine-in options but mostly focus on catering services.

    Address: Shop 4/80-80A Enmore Rd, Newtown, Sydney, NSW 2042

    You can book a table or phone 0481 205 58 to place an order

    Sydney Cebu Lechon Native Eatery  food

  5. Enelssie Bike and Dine

    Filipino restaurant in Victoria

    This restaurant came to be when its Filipino owner, Anthony Herrera, saw demand for his coffee and bread at his bike shop. The restaurant sits right next to their original business, New Life Cycles.

    Their business has now expanded from just a bike shop, to a cafe and restaurant. The name Enelssie is how you would read the acronym of their bike shop New Life Cycles (NLC), and serves Pinoy favorites such as kare-kare, bagnet, and sinigang.

    Follow Enelssie Bike and Dine on Instagram.

    Address: Tenterfield Dr, Burnside Heights VIC 3023
    Phone: 0424 885 255

    Enelssie Bike and Dine food

  6. Kariton Sorbetes

    Located in Victoria

    Spearheaded by the former executive chef of the popular restaurant Lume, John Rivera initially had plans of opening his own Filipino restaurant in Melbourne. Unfortunately, the pandemic brought countless roadblocks, which led him to start the small-batch ice cream venture.

    Kariton, which translates to “cart” in english, pays homage to the traditional Filipino ice cream vessel used to peddle food in streets. The name may be conventional, but the flavours are not. Kariton takes cues from Pinoy delicacies such as Ube halaya, sans rival, puto bumbong and transforms them into gelato masterpieces.

    To order, visit their website

    The business is currently Melbourne-based and deliveries are only available within 40 km of Melbourne CBD

     Kariton Sorbetes ice cream

  7. Manila St. Ice Cream

    Currently available in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia

    The creamery prides itself in small-batch creations and artisanal techniques. Compared to mass-produced ice cream which contains 50% air, Manila St. only has 23% air, which makes it premium. The brand currently carries two classic ice cream flavours; ube halaya and cheese milk. The packaging is also reminiscent of traditional woven patterns, making the tubs aesthetically pleasing.

    Find your nearest stockist here

    Address: Shop 4/80-80A Enmore Rd, Newtown, Sydney, NSW 2042

    If you own a store in Victoria, you can also contact Elizer of Manila Merchants for distributorship needs call (03) 9028 8686.

    Manila St. Ice Cream

Bonus picks: Top Filipino businesses 


Located in Victoria

More than a restaurant, Entree. Pinays is owned by a group of Filipino businesswomen who aims to promote Pinoy food and culture to the Australian community. The name comes from the word “entree”, which is the first dish in a western meal, and “pinay” is a colloquial term for a Filipino woman. The name is a perfect fusion of Filipino and foreign culture. Their services include merchandising, catering, consultancy, events, design, and more.


Entree pinayes

Merkado by the Entree. Pinays

Located in Victoria

Merkado is the online shop of Entree. Pinays “where advocacy meets enterprise”. Co-founders Fides Santos-Arguelles and Grace Guinto describe the shop as a marketplace of meaningful must-haves. The online shop stocks various items made by FIlipino artists and creators. These items can be in the form of food or lifestyle goods.

Some examples are Filipino recipe books, artisan chocolate, and even plants such as Calamansi. They also have a “Buy For Good” line which houses items supporting communities in the Philippines.

Co-founders Fides Santos-Arguelles and Grace Guinto
Photo creds: Co-founders Fides Santos-Arguelles and Grace Guinto.

Merkado sells the award-winning Auro Chocolate and the Wild Adventure cookbook by lifestyle and food photographer Luisa Brimble


Support businesses in the Philippines

You can also purchase items directly from Philippine-based businesses and have their goods delivered to your family and friends. Since most online businesses do not support card and Paypal payments yet, bank deposits are still the most common mode of payment.

Sable Remit can help you fulfill your payments. All you need are the seller’s name, address, and bank details. Make a transfer with Sable Remit today.

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